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Welcome to The Chalk Guy!

Thank you!  Our  web store is successful and growing because of our loyal customers!

NEW!   Brown Sugar  Grooming Powder!  The PERFECT grooming powder for brown-coated dogs! is the ONLY world-wide source for this GREAT product as well as our signature product, the

Ralph Zink formula A to Z Grooming Chalk!

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A to Z

Brown Sugar  Dog Grooming Powder

Sheltie, Collie, Yorkie and other medium-brown dogs will groom up great with

       A to Z Brown Sugar

          Dog Grooming Powder!

Same fantastic A to Z quality!  If you liked the old Brownn Sugarr powder known from years ago, you’ll LOVE

A to Z “brown Sugar”Powder

A to Z

Block Chalk

This block chalk is the same GREAT

A to Z chalk quality!  It’s the perfect compliment to our grooming chalk powder!

Our block chalk comes in seven colors

(white,dark Brown, brown, light brown, gray, charcoal and black).

Each wrapped pack contains TWO chalk blocks of the SAME color!

              Jiffy Sew™

Ear Glue

The Chalk Guy is an

         official dealer for Jiffy Sew™

Puppy Dog Ear Glue!

Jiffy Sew is the BEST solution for training those stubborn ears exactly the way you want them to be!

Order one tube or a whole caseload…

We can supply you with what you need!

A to Z

Grooming Chalk

Is an all-breed white chalk powder...  GREAT results with all dogs!

Excellent for use with all coat textures!

  The ORIGINAL Ralph Zink formula -
                  it’s the BEST!

     In production for over 50 years and still

                        going strong!


Adhesive Remover

     Detachol™is the perfect solution for        removing all of those tough, sticky, adhesive residues left over from ear-taping,          wound dressings or any other                 sticky situation!

Non-irritating, non-aerosol,non-explosive mild remover leaves no        offensive odors behind             Hypoallergenic

      Safe for sensitive skin!


(No shipments out of USA on this item)



  Tungsten powder is great         for dealing with those

        “vertically-challenged” ears!

It’s the healthier, environmentally-safer alternative to lead powder!

No more lead exposure for you and your dogs!  Safe to handle... Safe to use... Safe for your dog!

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